Corporate transactions

Taking into account the size of the company, we provide holistic support for both the acquisition and the sale of the company. For you, this means that tax and legal support come from a single source. In addition, you will be accompanied by a management consultant who has many years of experience in outstanding banking positions.

Sale of a company:

In German-speaking countries, the sale of a company is - unlike in Anglo-Saxon countries - a one-off transaction. This requires a planned approach, regardless of whether it is a medical practice, a commercial enterprise or a manufacturing company. The course of a transaction requires advice at the highest level, from the valuation of the object of sale, the selection of suitable buyers and the sales negotiations to the drafting of the company purchase agreement.

On the basis of a company value determined in accordance with the professional principles of chartered accountants, we draw up a sales concept which also takes into account the financing by a potential purchaser. This concept is made available to professional associations and business brokers.

Our aim is to achieve a fair price for you. At the same time, we take into account the financeability by the acquirer when determining the price. Last but not least, our focus is on preserving jobs, because employees are part of your company's success.

Company acquisition:

The acquisition of a company is often motivated by strategic considerations. Likewise, the acquisition of a company is the first step in building up an independent existence. And the acquisition of a company is the first step towards this goal. You want to get the best possible advice about the consequences. We help you to gather the necessary information about the target company and also carry out a due diligence. This is how we secure your investment. If you wish, a management consultant specialising in these issues will accompany you during the financing process.

And last but not least, we verify the value of the company. We conduct and accompany the contract negotiations. Our goal is to create the basis for a sustainable existence for you.