International tax law

The tax-optimised planning and implementation of investments in Germany is just as much a part of our core competencies as the determination of the best legal form. The structuring of legal relationships between affiliated companies, advice and research on transfer pricing, shareholder financing and the avoidance of hidden profit distributions are also part of our services.

Thanks to our in-house Dutch and English language skills, you can feel at home with us.

The range of services we offer covers the following spectrum:

  • Establishment of permanent establishments abroad, in particular in the Netherlands
  • Establishment of permanent establishments by foreign companies in Germany
  • Deferral of profits for permanent establishments at home and abroad
  • Enquiries in input tax refund proceedings
  • Tax advice on wage and salary accounting
  • Tax obligations of foreign subsidiaries in Germany
  • Avoidance of double and multiple taxation at home and abroad
  • Tax planning when setting up participation structures
  • Cross-border investments or financing

International reporting

When looking after international companies, we have often found that no uniform and legal form-neutral reporting is implemented in the group of companies. In the best case, this means misinterpretations. In the worst case, wrong decisions are made with far-reaching consequences. Our reporting system enables our clients to standardise their reporting in the cross-border group and to design it in a way that is neutral in terms of legal form and country. The country standards at the headquarters of the parent company are then taken into account in the evaluations.

The evaluations are currently available in Italian, Spanish, Polish and English. The evaluation language is independent of the user language. This means that you enter the data in German, for example, and the output is in Polish. Dutch is planned in the foreseeable future.


An English and French subsidiary can use our system to report to their Spanish parent company in Spanish, independent of  the user language.

Dutch clients

Due to our immediate proximity to the border, we maintain diverse relations with the Netherlands. In the course of our sixty years of advisory practice, we have acquired a high level of experience and legal - in particular tax law - knowledge of our neighbouring country. In cooperation with Dutch colleagues, we can therefore provide you with targeted advice on setting up a business in the Netherlands.

In the same way, we also accompany our Dutch clients through their everyday life in Germany in terms of tax law.

This happens in many ways:

On the one hand, we prepare your bookkeeping and prepare or audit your German annual accounts. In addition, we are happy to accompany you from the very beginning of the development of your new markets: For example, we will be happy to help you choose a suitable property, advise you on all economic issues that arise in the context of your German market launch. If necessary, we can also help you select suitable partners.

Transfer pricing

Both German legislation and the German tax authorities have published extensive regulations according to which one must document supply and service relationships with foreign companies.

This transfer pricing is not only - but also - audited for internationally active groups of companies.

Remuneration for deliveries or services that do not comply with the transfer pricing principles can lead to additional or double tax charges and - in the case of insufficient documentation - even to penalties.