We are receiving more and more approaches from companies wishing to know whether we can relieve them of the work involved in electronic-data-processing aspects of their day-to-day routines. As companies can benefit from a solution like this in many different ways, such as achieving greater profitability, better efficiency, greater ease of organisation and enhanced levels of data protection, we have responded to our clients’ wishes by further expanding the range of services which we offer.

Every enterprise would like to outsource according to its own specific needs. That makes sense and is feasible. In order to meet the varying needs, we have developed 4 different modules that are based entirely, in terms of their structural make-up, on the level of outsourcing that best suits your specific EDP requirements:

Using your existing EDP system PLUS access to the tax-consultancy programmes:

Modul 1

We implement the software solutions of the market leader DATEV. In the process, your existing EDP system remains in place. You are at liberty to use the following programmes at your company - by the way, your tax consultant also uses them:

  • Payroll accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Rational handling of domestic and foreign payment transactions (with credit institutions and business partners)
  • Cost minimising in the form of cost accounting
  • Administration of personnel

The benefits for you:

You will be working with the same programmes as your tax consultant. This ensures efficient exchange of data without any interface problems and means time saved as well as smooth preparation of evaluations.

Modul 2

Access to our office server – without having to acquire a new EDP system

You will be working from your own premises with the aid of a VPN client on an office server specifically made available to our clients (with a high data-protection factor).

The variety of programmes remains unchanged.

  • Financial accounting
  • Investment accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Controlling
  • Payment transactions

The benefits for you:

  • No high acquisition costs for EDP installations (you will be using your existing PCs with an internet connection)
  • Central database, i.e. you and your tax consultant will be in a position to jointly access a database. This has the added advantage of avoiding any loss of data at your company since we will be carrying out daily backups at our offices. These backups are then stored separately in a safe-deposit box at the bank.
  • No installation of new systems or updating of programmes required at your company. We take care of everything at our offices.
  • We shall be pleased to assist should you have any technical or specialised questions.

You would like to hand over responsibility for payroll and the financial accounting to your tax consultant, but you would still like to keep an eye on the control mechanisms that have been put in place for your company? Or, you live quite a distance away from your tax consultant and you are uncomfortable with sending your accounting records by post?

That is not a problem. In conjunction with “Accountancy with a future” from DATEV, we will be delighted to advise you and offer you the following components:

  • Collection of incoming and outgoing invoices via Internet
  • Electronic document-filing (online pre-compilation of financial-accounting records). Posting procedure is carried out at the tax consultant’s.
  • Recording of petty-cash details (you record your petty cash details online, and the consultant transfers the cash balances to the accounting records.)    

The benefits for you:

  • You keep the records on your premises, and you can access them whenever you want them. We integrate the records that we have received from you into our accounting records.
  • This takes the pressure off you, which leaves you more time for internal organisation.          You have the opportunity to take a look at your current management analysis and print it out if required.
  • For the purpose of issuing reminders, you can access your lists of accounts outstanding whenever it suits you.
  • You can also review wage and cost-accounting documentation and modify it as required (e.g. personnel master data or hourly rate) and print it out.

For more information on this subject, please go to “Virtual Office“.

This application is, of course, encrypted and protected. You can only enter the protected area by using a USB stick with PIN retrieval.

We will be only too pleased to advise and assist you at any time with technical support as well as with implementation of the applications