Primary focus

The following is an outline of the areas of primary focus with which our consultancy service has become synonymous over its many years in operation, a development which has brought with it a reputation to which we attribute our intense involvement in a diverse and extensive range of subject:

Tax planning

Germany produces more than half of all of the tax-related legislation that is generated worldwide. In addition, you have the supplementary guidelines and enactments of law which come through our fiscal authorities on an ongoing basis. And if this was not enough, our fiscal courts render several thousand rulings year-in, year-out on a multitude of taxation-related issues. Hence, the need for reliable advice on tax matters is more important than ever.

It is essential that we sit down together and, bringing anticipation and foresight to bear, that we develop solutions that will serve to ensure that the day-to-day running of your business will remain workable and manageable for you. Essentially, what we are talking about here is trust. What you need most is what we do best - place your very own tax check-up in hands you can depend on.


There are audits, and there are audits …. Our approach is state-of-the-art, and the risks involved are constantly in our sights. With our client base we boast an impressive spread of small and medium-sized business enterprises from a variety of business sectors and industries. A solid mix of experience and tradition has taught us exactly where to look for your problems and how to relieve the pressures with which those problems confront you. You are assured that our handling of your audit will be compliant with legal requirements, our fees will be reasonable and you will not incur any unnecessary expense.

Business Management Advisory

The headlines are literally full of just how important it is to know and understand your own business. The business owner or its management, however, are frequently faulted for their inability to take an objective view of what is going on around them - which is precisely where the external advisor can help. Our experience has come from our involvement in a multitude of complex and diverse business situations and scenarios. The contribution here of the clued-in management consultant is both invaluable and irreplaceable. In a first step we will analyse your business and identify the interactive elements that are involved in running it. In follow-up steps, we will then go on to assist you in setting up simple to complex management information systems.

In a best-case scenario, the net result of a given advisory session could be that we have all of the ingredients in place to embark on the implementation of a short to long-term business strategy.

Setting up in business

We are precisely the port-of-call that you will require when it comes to sorting out the many intricacies involved in setting up in business on your own. We will develop a tailor-made business plan with you and accompany you in establishing what your financial needs will be to make your project workable. It goes without saying that we can acquaint you with what the possibilities are when it comes to sourcing public funding, and we will help you choose your house bank. We will also coach you through your first two years in business.

And as an added bonus, you will receive an allowance towards the expenses you have incurred for availing yourself of our consultancy services on the subject of starting up in business on your own.

Financial consulting

A core and indispensable component of any full-service consulting package offered by specialists in the areas of management and tax consulting is an in-depth knowledge of financial markets both at regional and national level. Our financial consulting service offers precisely this ingredient, and the benefits to be reaped on the part of our clients are considerable. We screen your business and analyse its overall financial structure. We go on to pinpoint the partner or partners best suited to accommodate your financing needs and we accompany you throughout negotiations with them. We prepare you for those negotiations by drawing up a rating report based on Basel II guidelines that is tailored specifically to your house bank’s requirements and upon which we base the strategy that serves a a basis for the negotiation process.

To round off our offer, we can also enable our clients to share in the benefits of a cooperation programme that we have in place with Baumann SME Consulting. Mr Baumann himself was Business Client Advisor with a locally-based savings bank for many years, and he knows exactly what ‘makes banks tick’ when it comes to decision-taking exercises.